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After a system (as well as KDE) update, I got this blue panel glow which appears on hover.

enter image description here

I browsed through system settings, panel settings, desktop settings, but couldn't find an option to change/remove this blue glow. Did anyone else encounter this problem? Where should I look?

I also tried this, but it didn't help.

I use Arch, but don't think it matters much in this case...

Thank you.

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The blue glow is not an effect, it's part of the Desktop theme. Don't use the Oxygen or a few other desktop themes. Aya should work for you

System Settings - Desktop Theme - Aya Selected

Here's what the resulting panel looks like, no blue glow

kde panel using Aya

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hmmm, ok this works and points me into right direction. now I know where to look (where to change the color value). thank you! – pootzko Feb 6 '11 at 21:24

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