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I need to edit my ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc because the file is blank and so I don't have tint2 shown in my desktop, but when I try to save I have this error:

[ Errore durante la scrittura di /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2/tint2rc: Non è una directory ]

Translated should be so:

[ Error writing /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2/tint2rc: Not a directory ]


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There is already a file called /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2, but it is not a directory.

Maybe you meant to edit /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2?

If you really need a file called /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2/tint2rc, move the existing file /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2 out of the way.

mv /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2 /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2.old
mkdir /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2

But maybe that tint2 file is some old name and the file should be moved to tint2/tint2rc?

mv /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2 /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2rc
mkdir /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2
mv /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2rc /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2/
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