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I'm a linux newbie, and I messed my partition. I have 5 partition in my 500GB HD, Windows 7, Data, Data, Linux Mint and Lubuntu. I accidentally deleted Lubuntu partition using diskmgmt in Windows 7.

After I rebooted, I can't enter windows past the splash screen, and I can't boot into my linux mint either, after I use a crunchbang live usb.

I found that I have 255 partitions in my HD with 4 of it I can recognize them as my old partitions, but the other 251 are fake partitions with exact same size as the deleted Linux Mint partition.

Whenever I open gparted, my live usb just hang while gparted scan my partitions Is it possible to fix my partitions without reformating my HD? I haven't backup my partition table before.

Here is my crunchbang live usb File Manager screenshot. http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-03262013-050907pm.php

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if you can boot on a live system, you should probably start by a backup of your existing partitions. Could you open a terminal, and provide us with a summary of the result of the command 'lsblk' to see what you can mount ? – Vincent Nivoliers Mar 26 '13 at 18:54
Please provide the output of fdisk -l on your device. – Angelo Jan 30 '14 at 5:46

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