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The following command gives memory usage into normal form.

awk '/^Mem/ {printf("%u%%", 100*$3/$2);}' <(free -m)

I want to get it in valid json form.

Desire output:

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Perhaps this, read info from proc fs, and use bc to calculate:

tot=$(awk '{ if (/MemTotal:/) {print $2} }' </proc/meminfo)
free=$(awk '{ if (/MemFree:/) {print $2} }' </proc/meminfo)
pers=$(echo "scale=0; 100 - 100 * $free / $tot" | bc)
echo '{"Memory":"'$pers'"}'
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Note that your formula needs minor adjustment. The question used “100 * used / total”, while you use “100 * free / total”. – manatwork Mar 26 '13 at 8:20
@manatwork right, thanks – warl0ck Mar 26 '13 at 8:36
Thank You friend – K.K Patel Mar 26 '13 at 8:58

If using awk is not mandatory, I prefer ruby for JSON formatting. Much longer that a bare awk script, but easier to extend it later:

ruby -rjson -nae 'BEGIN{j={}};j["Memory"]="#{(100*$F[2].to_f/$F[1].to_f).to_i}%"if/^Mem/;END{puts j.to_json}' <(free -m)
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With an one-liner :

awk '$1=="MemTotal:"{t=$2} $1=="MemFree:"{f=$2}END{printf "{\042Memory\042:\042%s\042}\n",  int(100 - 100 * f / t)}' /proc/meminfo
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