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I am working on a project, that uses rsh utility for remote connection.

But my project needs some extra features for that, so I add that features.

Till now, all the things are going fine. But when I take a strace on rsh server. It shows that it opens and reads PAM modules and limits.conf.

But the rsh, that I made is not able to open and read PAM module and limits.conf.

I followed this link to check above things.

Number of calling of PAM module and all these things are exactly same in Standard rsh and mine rsh.

The reasons that I think, behind this weird behavior :-

  1. May be configure file does not load by makefile of mine rsh.
  2. May be it does not load MCONFIG , MRULES in makefile.

But I didn't understand how can I confirm my doubt, and remove this problem.

I tried to use GDB debugger, but I am unable to locate where this problem occurs.

I spent a lot of time to locate where the problem is. But failed.

Please help me, or guide me in finding where the problem actually is.

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Never, ever even consider using rsh for remote connections. It is horribly insecure to have rshd running, as it is very easy to take over any account (and even the whole machine) unless utmost care is taken. And as you see, it hasn't been kept up to date either.

Use ssh, with shared keys (no password). It isn't much harder to set up, and offers some security.

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Thanks for your advice. I will take care of the same. But right now, moving to ssh is not possible. Because of some project issues. So please help me to overcome of above problem. My head is banging, I didn't understand from where I can start. Help me please. – devsda Mar 25 '13 at 11:00

If this is going on the open internet, you should be prepared for a breakin soon after putting it up. Kiddies scan the net constantly for open ports with old vulnerabilities like this one. Search google for "rsh exploit" and you get around 100,000 hits.

Your project might have resource issues now, but you might consider adding the expense of cleaning up repeated breakins until rsh is closed.

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