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I am trying to figure out why I don't have syntax highlighting when editing my crontab.

I have both $EDITOR and $VISUAL set to /usr/bin/vim:

> echo $EDITOR
> echo $VISUAL

If I save the crontab to a file and edit it with vim syntax highlighting is enabled.

> crontab -l > saved_cronab
> /usr/bin/vim saved_crontab

And if I use :syntax on while editing the crotab nothing changes

How can I enable highlighting when editing crontab with crontab -e?

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Did you export these variables (export EDITOR VISUAL)?

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vim doesn't know, that your file saved_crontab is a crontab. Therefore, you don't get a special syntax highlighting for crontabs. Setting the filetype to crontab worked for me. I used:

:set ft=crontab

You can see the value of filetype with:

:set ft?
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You can also permanently set the modeline for this file by adding a modeline like # vim: ft=crontab to the top of the file. However modelines are disabled by default for security reasons as root and by some distributions. –  Erik Apr 5 '13 at 13:39

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