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I want to print an image from a command line:

lp -o scaling=//100// image.jpg

How can I force it to be printed in grayscale?

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Maybe you are looking for lpoptions ?

Use lpoptions -l in order to know what's the name for your printer.

You can play it like thi (example with an HP Photosmart) :

lp -o scaling=//100// -oColorModel=KGray image.jpg
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I found this looking for this specific problem. And I had everything right, except the non-space between "-o" and [option]. Easy to miss.

General tip: If you look in the ppd-file for the current printer, you should bet a hint of how to denote grayscale printing (or any option for that matter). It could be as above or ColorModel=Gray, ColorModel=Grayscale etc

(I don't have the rep to make a comment - sorry.)

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You will have to convert the image to a grayscale version, by e.g GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick.

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Could you add a solution? Maybe the command to run to convert an image to greyscale. – n0pe Mar 22 '13 at 20:56

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