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When I use

sed -i "s,.*%.*,$(tput setaf 1)&$(tput sgr0),g" A.log

the whole line vanishes and when I use

sed -i "s,^%.*,$(tput setaf 1)&$(tput sgr0),g" A.log

only the first character(%) turns red.

What should I do?

EDIT : Actually the whole line doesn't vanish, I was using more but when I used less -R I saw this (with a control M character) and % in red color.

 % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.^M
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Something like this ?

sed -i "s/^%.*$/$(tput setaf 1)\\0$(tput sgr0)/" A.log 

And use cat -v file for displaying content without parsing colors.

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