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I am a complete amateur in Linux.

There is a software that only runs on Linux. It came with a virtual machine package and every thing.

When inside the virtual machine, I run a .py file in the terminal and it starts downloading the software. The software file is quite large. I noticed every time I let the software to download, the installation wants to start and asks me for the password. I am usually not there to enter and it fails.

I wanted to see how I can get over this problem. Thanks

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Unless you give us the name of the software, there's not much we can do. – rahmu Mar 22 '13 at 7:57

Expect scripting might come in help for you.Here is a sample :

read -s PWD
/usr/bin/expect <<EOD
spawn ./program.pl
expect "Password:"
send "your password\r";

Here is Tutorial for expect scripting :Expect scripting from Oreilly

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