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I have valuable info on my Ubuntu partition, but it crashed, and I tried to get to it through Live USB with Mint 14, but it says it's read only. Can I make it writable too? So I can put it on my flash drive?

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When you created your Linux Mint Live USB, did you include persistence to allow for changes (like transfering files or setting changes) to be made?

If not, I recommend using LiLi USB Creator or whatever you originally used to create a Linux Mint Live USB with persistence. I believe you need a 2GB or higher sized USB drive/SD Card to create a Live USB with persistence which may be needed if you have a lot of data to rescue, but the limit is a 4GB space reservation for persistence unless you want to have a more challenging time on a workaround.

If you can't access any other drives on your Linux Mint 14 Live USB it is likely because of a bug in the OS saying that it can't mount anything. I looked around on forums because I could not access any drives due to a mounting problem that I solved by typing the following lines into the terminal: press Enter after typing in each line.

sudo mkdir /media/$USER

sudo chown $USER.$USER /media/$USER

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It may also be that the Ubuntu partition is mounted readonly. If that is the case, # mount -o rw,remount /wherever/ubuntu/is/mounted will take care of that :) – Travis May 1 '14 at 1:28

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