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I'm running Lubuntu 12.10, fully updated. I used apt-get to install ReText 3.1.4, a qt app, and the various recommends.

I managed to get the page and font appearance to my liking by using Qt4 settings and CSS. But I cannot change the insertion bar's appearance from minimal width and black to something a little broader and red.

The image below shows the more visible cursor (insertion bar) I have in Leafpad text editor (gtk2) as well as the code I used. Can I get the equivalent effect in ReText?


I'm guessing what I want to change is described here as the Qt::IBeamCursor. So my question would specifically be: can Qt::IBeamCursor be modified by an end-user just by using CSS (and not something more technical)? In the context of ReText, I have a CSS file here: ~/.config/ReText project/ReText.css which I've used to customize the color and size of text within code and pre tags.

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According to the developer of ReText, "Qt supports cursor customization (via QStyle::PM_TextCursorWidth), but unfortunately that's not exposed via QStyleSheetStyle". A bug has been filed for this feature: Please allow customizing cursor width via CSS.

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