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I'm using Fedora 18. I choose ibus in input method selector. In ibus, I choose preference to change input method. But I just see english-english method. I cannot choose input method for another language.(there is a dropbox, but all language is blur, but english). So, I don't know how to choose another language. (in my case is japanese and vietnamese).

I have tried a command when I google:

yum install scim-lang-japanese

but my terminal notice that this package does not exist.

Please teach me, how to add another input method for my language in ibus.

thanks :)

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You need ibus-anthy and ibus-unikey for those two languages so:

yum install ibus-anthy ibus-unikey

To set IBUS up follow these Fedora 17 guides (it should be pretty much the same thing in Fedora 18):

japanese , vietnamese.

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