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I'd like to visually see how some of the keyboard layouts in look like, as an example in Windows I can see them with a program called Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator or even on Wikipedia.

Additionally, from where the layouts to came from? some of them (namely: US International) are very different from their Windows counterparts.

Edit: I would like to see all the possibilities with Ctrl, Shift, AltGr, etc., like in [Wikipedia's Keyboard layout page](insert link who has more reputation):

(insert image of US International layout who has more reputation)

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This looks more inconvenient than neccessary, but it's the best I could find right now:

 setxkbmap -print -layout us | xkbcomp -xkm - - | xkbprint -

will put a nice-ish picture of the US layout in (setxkbmap supports a whole lot of other flags, in particular -option and -variant may be of interest to you. For details, see man setxkbmap. (Sorry, X keyboard configuration is notoriously hairy.)

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