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I am just getting started with learning and testing snort.

I have some snort data in snort.u2.timestamp files. What is the best way to view / read these files? I have found some info via Google search but it discusses how to capture traffic using snort, parse it using barnyard2 and then load it into a mysql database. I can't find anything clear on how to read existing snort.u2 files. Also, I should mention that I have a barnyard2.waldo file along with the snort.u2.timestamp files. Not sure where this file comes in.

Also, is it possible to view snort.u2 files on Windows? It would be convient, but not a big deal if it is not possible.

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Which stackexchange site would be better for this question? Is somebody able to migrate it to the appropriate site? – user695752 Mar 16 '13 at 20:47

Not really the best stackexchange site to ask that question, but snort comes with the u2spewfoo command for that:

u2spewfoo /path/to/file.unified2

See also the u2boat command to extract the pcap.

There is also a SnortUnified module for perl which can allow you to do fancier stuff with the unified2 log. A quick example to emulate u2spewfoo:


use SnortUnified(qw(:ALL));
use Socket;
use POSIX;

$| = 1;
$file = shift;

$UF_Data = openSnortUnified($file) or die;

while ($record = readSnortUnifiedRecord()) {


  foreach $field ( @{$record->{'FIELDS'}} ) {
    my $v = $record->{$field};
    if ($field =~ /^.ip$/) {
      $v = inet_ntoa(pack("N", $v));
    } elsif ( $field =~ /_sec$/) {
      $v = strftime("%F_%T", localtime $v);
    } elsif ( $field eq 'pkt' ) {
      $v = unpack("H*", $v);
    print(", $field=" . $v);

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