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syslog-ng ignores the database defined in syslog-ng.conf and instead uses the default database of the user when logging to MSSQL destination.

destination d_mssql {
        host("myhost") username("myuser") password("mypass")
                "seqnum bigint",
                "datetime varchar(16)", "host varchar(32)",
                "program varchar(32)", "pid varchar(8)", "priority varchar(10)", "facility varchar(10)", "pri int",
                "message varchar(max)")
        values("$SEQNUM", "$R_DATE", "$HOST", "$PROGRAM", "$PID", "$PRIORITY", "$FACILITY", "$PRI", "$MSGONLY")
        indexes("datetime", "host", "program", "pid"));

As you can see I want to use "syslogng" as my database but what happens is that syslog-ng uses the default database ("master") configured for "myuser" in MS SQL Server.

If I change the default database for "myuser" in SQL server to "syslogng", then it will write to "syslogng" database. But this is not what I want. I want to be able to configure the database in syslog-ng.conf.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Same question on BalaBit community website.

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To get around this, in my sql() statement I set:


Then use the full path to the table I want to create/update:


Use a DB browser, like DBeaver, to connect to you MSSQL DB and determine the full path to your table.

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