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I have a Creative Live Cam Connect HD (id: 041e:4093) and this webcam has an on-board H.264 encoder. Unfortunately v4l2 only inputs the feed as MJPG.

$ v4l2-ctl --list-formats
Index       : 1
Type        : Video Capture
Pixel Format: 'MJPG' (compressed)
Name        : MJPEG

Basically I need to use this webcam to get a H.264 feed. Is there a different driver that I can use to use the on-board encoder instead of having to use Gstreamer to encode the feed on my machine?

Since there are no pre-built drivers to do what I want, I am trying to write my own driver. I found lots of recourses for writing linux drivers but not specifically for webcams. Can you point me to some resources or provide an outline of what I need to do? I never wrote a driver before.

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