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I have Windows 8 and need to dual boot Ubuntu. I made a new partition from Windows Manager, but when I boot Ubuntu and select the new partition I get the error:

this partition is not rooted !!

I'm trying to use Lucid Lynx. How do I dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 8 in a different partition?

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There is a new LTS: releases.ubuntu.com/precise – Dejan Mar 14 '13 at 13:50
What kind of hardware is that (server/desktop/laptop/tablet/…, what model)? – Gilles Mar 14 '13 at 23:05

If you are using dual-boot with Windows 8, I should assume you have and need UEFI activated. So, to solve your problem you should use Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit or later, and follow the Ubuntu wiki about UEFI:

To install Ubuntu in EFI mode:

  1. Use a 64bit disk of Ubuntu (32bit installer does not detect EFI)
  2. Use the last version of Ubuntu. Support for UEFI appeared in 11.10, but has become more reliable in next versions. Support for UEFI SecureBoot appeared in 12.10 and 12.04.2.
  3. Set up your firmware (BIOS) to boot the disk in UEFI mode.
  4. Then:
    • nothing special is required if you use the automatic installer of Ubuntu ("Install Ubuntu alongside others" or "Erase the disk and install Ubuntu"). Important: if you have a pre-installed Windows and you want to keep it, do not choose "Erase the disk and install Ubuntu".
    • if you use the manual partitioning ("Something else"), the difference is that you will have to create and use an EFI partition.
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As long as you have a blank partition on which to install Linux the installer should pick it up. I couldn't find the error you mentioned this partition is not rooted Can you double check to see that its the correct error message?

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There is an easy way to make machine dual boot with Windows & Ubuntu. There is an small program called Wubi installer stands for Windows Ubuntu installer. You can use this. You need three things

  1. An empty partitioned drive with at least 5GB space.
  2. Ubuntu ISO image
  3. Wubi installer program

You will get Wubi & latest version of Ubuntu from here

Keep Wubi program & Ubuntu ISO image at same path i.e in same folder.

Run Wubi program, it will ask for empty drive name & username & password for Ubuntu root user. Provide the details & follow the instructions. Ubuntu will get installed in 20 minutes.

& I liked the thing is that you can uninstall Ubuntu from Windows control panel at any time.

I hope it will help you to install Ubuntu on Windows machine.

All the Best.

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