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When I press Ctrl + Alt + F1 the desktop environment disappears and a terminal window appears. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + F7 brings me back to DE.

This terminal is useful when the DE hangs for some reason and I need to kill a process or something.

However the keyboard typing speed in this terminal is so fast that its almost unusable.

Attempting to type sudo ps -ef | grep virtualbox often gets me suuudo pss -ef || grep virtuaalbox

I have two questions -

  • What terminal is this? Is it Xterm?
  • Could I reduce the keystroke speed to a more usable value, as in gnome-terminal?
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What you get when you press Ctrl + Alt + F1 is not Xterm, or anything to do with X or your DE. It is called a TTY (a shortening of TeleType, see here for some history). The command you want is kbdrate. The -d option lets you set the delay before it starts repeating keys, and the -r lets you set the rate at which keys repeat after they've started. You need to run kbdrate as root. Also, not all settings are valid, see the man page for details.

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