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I know I can setf python and then the file is recognized as python. However I must redo this everytime I reload the scons file.

I have read some weeks ago that one could write in the last lines of a file with a special syntax and sets parameters that vim should read.

In my case I would like setf python to be set anytime I open this scons file.

However I don't remember the syntax, and I can't manage to find the web site where I read it was possible to have file dependent properties.

#:setf python on the last line doesn't seem to suffice.

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Correct syntax:

# vim: set filetype=python:

But you need set modeline (it's default in my case) in .vimrc.

Read this wiki for more information.

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If the scons file always has the same name / adheres to a certain pattern, you can also configure the filetype detection; put the following into your ~/.vimrc:

:autocmd BufNew,BufRead SConstruct setf python
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