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This will be an easy one, but in my memories, when shell scripting, using double quotes would allow expanding globbing and variables.

But in the following code:


echo *.sh
echo "*.sh"
echo '*.sh'

echo $LANG
echo "$LANG"
echo '$LANG'

I get this result:

bob.sh redeployJboss.sh

So single quoting prevent glob AND variable expansion but double quoting allows only variable expansion and no globbing?

Can I glob in any quoting pattern?

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You are correct: globbing doesn't work in either single- or double-quotes. However, you can interpolate globbing with double-quoted strings:

$ echo "hello world" *.sh "goodbye world"
hello world [list of files] goodbye world
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Or even echo "$hello and $goodbye".* (mix variable expansions, spaces, and a glob in the same "word". – vonbrand Mar 13 '13 at 13:57
Globbing doesn't seem to work in this case, echo /path/to/file/*${variable}. How do I glob while appending an interpolated email? – CMCDragonkai Feb 5 at 7:36
@CMCDragonkai echo "$FOLDER_PATH"/*.extension works fine for me, contrary to the accepted answer, I had to remove the whitespace between the " and the *. Hope it helps. – LostBalloon Mar 10 at 18:50

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