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I've used a given board configuration to reconfigure it for my individual board. My board has a CS4270 sound device of Cirrus Logic. My uImage is booting successfully on my target hardware, but an alsactl init always shows me no sound card. I loaded as many sound modules as I can, e.g. modprobe snd-soc-cs4270. But I have the feeling there is one module missing because the alsa-project website shows a specific module named snd-cs4270. Can I get this module installed by buildroot or do I have to download and integrate it into my target hardware on my own?

I've followed this question and ended up with the question, if I must implement the sound device in the board file in linux/linux-kernel/arch/<my_arch>/mach-<board_arch>/<board>.c. But this can't give me a snd-cs4270module.

Has anyone an idea which way I shall go to get this thing done?

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did you solve this issue? – user257980 Oct 23 '13 at 8:15

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