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Tmux allows one to move through panes using Ctrl-b + (→, ←, ↑, ↓).

I would like to remap this to:

Ctrl-b + Ctrl-(l, j, i, k).

For reference, the layout of the keys l,j,i,k is similar to that of the arrow keys, but they are easier to type without moving the hand.

I have been editing a few things here and there on the .tmux.conf, but I could not find information on how to rebind the above commands.

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man tmux | less -p select-pane – jasonwryan Mar 3 '13 at 19:46
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tmux list-keys (or prefix + ? in dfault settings) will give you current key mappings in the form of commands needed to set them up. See man tmux, the command name is bind-key (and you might want to remove the default bindings with unbind-key).

You might also want to consider more "standard" combination hjkl, known from vi and clones (all keys in the home row), especially if you are a fast typist.

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