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Is there a way to assign an IP to bridged interfaces? For example, under normal circumstances:

ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth1
brctl addbr mybridge
brctl addif mybridge eth0
brctl addif mybridge eth1

So is there a way to either:

  • (a) assign IPs to eth0/eth1?
  • (b) if not, then is there any other way around this problem?

I want to some how bridge interfaces having IPs.

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You can directly assign a new IP address to your bridge:

ip addr add brd + dev br0

You also may need to configure a route for the internet connection:

route add default gw dev br0

Note: replace the provided IP address in the above examples by the proper one for your subnet.

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An interface that is a member of a bridge cannot have IPs assigned to it directly. You assign an address to the bridge interface instead, e.g.

ifconfig br0
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