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I have a environment that has several environments like production staging etc . Now what i want is that I can re-use the nodes.pp written for one environment for the other.

Example - Suppose I have 2 environment production and staging. Each contains a web server. Now if I already have nodes.pp (or some other manifests ) written for a node in a environment, how to use hiera-puppet to generate this nodes.pp according to the environment.

+--------------Staging-web1  (Needs the same classes as server1-production)
+--------------Staging-web2  (Needs the same classes as server2-production)
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The accepted practice is to use standard puppet manifests and have environment specific data in hiera. See docs.puppetlabs.com/hiera/1/complete_example.html – Patrick Aug 25 '13 at 0:11
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Take a look at this link. It may be the paradigm you are looking for.


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