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Can some please help me restore my networking? I have a VPS CentOS 6.3. Few minutes ago it was working well, Except I couldn't connect to the Yum repository. So I thought I could change some settings in Hostname and DNS Client under webmins network configuration. I changed the nameserver IP order (,, and also I have removed routing and gateways IP (* more later). Now I can't connect from terminal.

Few minutes back (from terminal using putty):

# host domain name pointer unknown.hostforweb.net.

Now (only from hosting VPS Java client console)

# host
Host not found: 5(REFUSED)

I have removed routing and gateways IP, because the IP there was I remember changing by myself from, earlier. Instead of putting back I left it empty and applied the change. My Bad!

How can I reset it back?

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