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Is there an application that will set an audible alarm when the battery goes low on a centos 6 IBM 430 machine? Details of the problem here: I have set it hibernate when battery is low. However, it does not hibernate possibly because most of the time I am working in a full screen windows VM that prevents it from going to hibernate when I try to do it manually.

Since I am not able to see the battery levels (I am working in a full screen windows VM), the nmachine switches off when battery goes low. So I lose all my data and in one instance, the VMs (I am running windows and ubuntu) got corrupted.

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A quick google throws this up:

Check your battery status from the command line

A suggestion might be to parse out the percentage remaining of the battery charge, and play a sound when it falls to a certain low water mark/threshold. You could then run this from cron/at every few minutes or so. Very rudimentary but...



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