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I have installed mailutils from the Ubuntu 12.10 repo and specified the rmail-mailmove-program as either /usr/bin/movemail or /usr/bin/movemail.mailutils but in either case emacs reports

 rmail-parse-url: Emacs movemail does not support imap protocol

as a result of M-x rmail RET. I infer from this that emacs movemail is being used and that the mailutils movemail is being ignored.

In my ~/.emacs.d/init.el I have:

 ;; Reading mail
 (setq rmail-movemail-flags (list "--tls"))
 (setq rmail-movemail-program "/usr/bin/movemail.mailutils")
 ;; (setq rmail-movemail-program "/usr/bin/movemail") 
 (setq rmail-primary-inbox-list       

I verified that the movemail worked on its own before I configured init.el as follows:

sudo movemail -p -v 'imap://mylocal%40jazz2.eu:***@mail.jazz2.eu' test-mbox
movemail: number of messages in source mailbox: 1
movemail: number of processed messages: 1
movemail: number of errors: 0 / 0
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try adding

(setq rmail-movemail-variant-in-use 'mailutils)

your TLS option doesn't seem to work for me though. Getting this to work with gmail is a PITA.

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My considered answer: go for mu4e and offlineimap instead.

I abandoned ever trying to get the Rmail- Mailmove way of integrating email into emacs. Having used Rmail for systems administrator tasks on a local mail source, I had been happy to try to extend it to using a remote imap mail source. However, after having beaten my head against the difficulties I encountered with Rmail and Movemail and then Wanderlust with emacs I realised I was wasting my time. The idea was to complement my org-mode bag of tricks by adding links from org-mode documents to email messages.

I came across -- and eventually settled on -- mu4e which is so much easier to install and configure; has good documentation; integrates with org-mode; and is (contemporaneously with this posting in March 2013) being actively maintained; and so far has performed very impressively.

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