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There are two unix accounts A and B. I want to configure password less ssh between these two accounts.This can be done without much pain but my problem is that there are mutiple accounts like A and B where I have to the same thing.I also have one admin account C (not root). So,I was thinking if it is possible to setup password less ssh connection between A and B from account C so that I can write a script and run it from account C every time I want do similar activity for different accounts.

(Also ,all the accounts have the same password .)

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You need to, as user C, execute sudo -u A ssh-keygen this will result in two files being created id_rsa and id_rsa.pub in ~A/.ssh. You would then execute, as user C, ssh B@remote-host 'cat >> ~B/.ssh/authorized_keys' < ~A/.ssh/id_rsa.pub. Of course ~A/.ssh/id_rsa.pub needs to be readable by user C.

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