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echo "Enter a number"
read n

while [ $n -gt 0 ]
    sd=$(( $n % 10 ))
    rev=$(( $rev *\ 10 + $sd ))
    n=$(( $n / 10 ))

echo "Reverse number of entered digit is $rev"

From the above code I am unable to get the required output. Instead, this error is displayed.

./Display: line 17: 0 *\ 10 + 4 : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "\ 10 + 4 ")
Reverse number of entered digit is 0

I don't know why this error is displayed, please help me to figure it out.

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*\ is not a valid arithmetic operator in bash. What is your expected input and output? –  Chris Down Feb 24 '13 at 6:27

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Numbers are text too. Text can be reversed with rev without any arythmetic.

read -p "Enter a number: " num
echo $num | rev
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The error had already pointed out the problem clearly: 0 *\ 10 + 4 isn't a valid arithmetic expression when shell try to evaluate it.

I believe *\ is a typo of *, fix this typo and the script will be ok.

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*\ is not the valid expression. Instead, try * which removes the special meaning of the character *. The character * is a wildcard character, which is why the error appeared.

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* is a wildcard character. Hence make sure that you add a '\' before using it

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