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I am newbie at freebsd packaging and I want to learn way of upgrade a package. I created a package on my development server and I installed it to test server by

pkg_add foo-1.0.tbz

then I changed version of package as 1.1.

In my freebsd test server there is only pkg-config, pkg_add, pkg_create, pkg_delete, pkg_info, pkg_updating, pkg_version commands. I figure out none of these commands used for upgrade a package.

Now, I can only install a new package after delete older version.

pkg_delete foo-1.0
pkg_add foo-1.1.tbz

Is this the only way? or is there any gracefully way to upgrade a package?

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Yes, this is the way one upgrades packages via pkg_add. The question has been touched here before: http://serverfault.com/questions/214611/handling-freebsd-package-upgrades-using-pkg-add .

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