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How do I identify which overlays (if any) contain a particular package/application?

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I was just looking for the very same thing. If you use eix, you are in luck.. from the wiki:

Adding overlays to the cache

To search not only in the portage tree but all the overlays, add overlays to the cache

root # eix-remote update

and then sync it all:

root # eix-sync

(example from my system)

mordjah@Ananke /mnt/Dev/nuvola-player $ eix nuvola
* x11-themes/nuvola
  Available versions:  1.0-r1^bs
  Description:         Nuvola SVG icon theme

hmm that doesnt look like a google music player.. time to add some more sources:

mordjah@Ananke /mnt/Dev/nuvola-player $ eix-remote update
Saving to: 'eix-cache.tbz2'
* Unpacking data
layman/Armageddon -> Armageddon
layman/AstroFloyd -> AstroFloyd
 layman/AzP -> AzP

looks like about 500 sources :)

mordjah@Ananke /mnt/Dev/nuvola-player $ eix-sync -q

now when searching, if you wish to expand your search, add -R (remote) to search all overlays, installed or not. you will want to sync it with eix-remote from time to time.. (man eix...) :)

mordjah@Ananke /mnt/Dev/nuvola-player $ eix -R nuvola
* media-sound/nuvolaplayer
 Available versions:  (~)2.0.1[2] (~)2.0.3[1] {debug}
 Description:         Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop

* x11-themes/nuvola
 Available versions:  1.0-r1^bs
 Description:         Nuvola SVG icon theme

[1] "sabayon" layman/sabayon
[2] "tante" layman/tante
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I don't think there is an automated system to search through overlayes by specific package name. what you can do is:

  • run layman -L to see the available overlays and guess based on their names if they have the package you are looking for.
  • search here:
  • google for 'gentoo package_name'
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+1 for – lkraav Feb 22 '13 at 8:32
Looks like you are right. I tried Paludis with cave show <package-name> which can show package's repository, but it searches only in overlays already added to layman AFAIK. I'll wait 2 days to accept your answer. Thanks. – A.D. Feb 22 '13 at 17:21

Emerge will tell you the name of the repository if you pass -v

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