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What is the ideal way to parse an .xml file into a .csv file that I could include with my shell scripts. I know bash cant do it but I'm unsure if I should try in awk or sed. I imagine a language would be the best solution such as python but I do not know python nor have I touched it.

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As has been argued before parsing tag structured files warrants a real parser. You could e.g. use Ruby and use Nokigiri to parse XML and the class CSV to output CSV. Also, please add a simple example of input and output so that it understandable what you expect from an answer. – N.N. Feb 21 '13 at 16:36
thanks I didn't find that from my search – Darth_Vader Feb 21 '13 at 16:41

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You could use Xmlstarlet (AKA xml) as a XSLT transformer and write a specific CSV transform as mentioned here

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echo "Hello"
java -Xms512m  -Xmx3048m -jar xml2csv-conv.jar -k attr_list 
source_file.xml destination_file.nnmpa1.csv
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Where does one get this xml2csv-conv.jar file? – Warren Young Jun 19 at 10:51
Although the code is appreciated, it should always have an accompanying explanation. This doesn't have to be long but it is expected. – peterh Jun 19 at 10:59
I am deleting this since it's just a random command with no explanation or any information on what it does, how to run it and where to find the requisite jar file. – terdon Jun 19 at 11:27

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