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I am a complete Linux beginner and I managed to install Archlinux today. But I have no access to my wifi for some reason.

I get internet access in my terminal with wifi-menu but gnome tells me that it can not connect to my wireless network. The password is 100% correct.

I followed this guide and installed network-manager-applet, and I also changed the rc.conf file:

rc.d start networkmanager

I also installed pacman -S networkmanager

I restarted networkmanager, enabled / disabled it, started it again. I also turned the wireless network in GNOME on and off. But nothing helped.

Any ideas what went wrong?

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I don't know Arch, so I might be off here... First, start a terminal, and run iwconfig, check if there is a interface that doesn't say "no wireless extensions", probably wlan0. Do a iwlist wlan0 scan for it, and check what it says, your home network should show up. As root run nm-online (probably by using sudo(1)). This should get the network going. Please add the results of the above (edit out name of the network and such that might be sensitive) to your question. That should enable Arch-enthusiasts (archimandrites?) to diagnose your problem. – vonbrand Feb 20 '13 at 22:59
It would be helpful for you to identify the hardware the installation is on, especially if it is a laptop. i.e. my Lenovo S12 fails with network manager, so I use WiCD. Also the drivers for the WiFi device ann be troublesome. – keepitsimpleengineer Feb 21 '13 at 20:03
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  1. Arch Linux does not use sysv any more. We have been using systemd for quite some time now. This means rc.conf is no longer used.
    • Did you use the latest image from the download section of the website?
  2. There is a new naming scheme for network devices, they will only use names such as wlan0 and eth0 if the hardware cannot provide it's own.
    • To view the names of your devices issue the command ip l in a terminal.
  3. You should read over the Beginners' Guide and click around the wiki to familiarize yourself with how things are done in Arch Linux. The documentation on there is very well put together and very informative. There is also #archlinux on irc.freenode.net where we provide live support.
  4. If your wireless device is not listed in ip l then you will have to download and load the necessary modules/drivers for your hardware.
    • To view the hardware on the pci bus you can issue lspci.
    • If you're going to need to download the needed modules for it. Then I would suggest booting into the Live USB again and mounting your root partition to /mnt just like you did when you installed. Then you can use pacstrap /mnt to install whatever it is you'll need.
    • If you have an ethernet cable and port available to use then simply plug it in and dhcpcd eth0 (be sure to replace eth0 with whatever interface name your wired network controller has).
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