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When I was at VIM age, I used to enjoy working with screen which gives me the flexibility to switch between mulitple windows. And later I switched to emacs but I lost one of my favorite feature: screen session - when my putty window accidentally dies, all my windows are still there, if I attach back everything is there.

in emacs, I can also open quite a few different screens and switch between them, the thing is when my putty window is closed, everything there is gone. I would hope that I can attach back to the emacs I am working on, and I am pretty sure this monster can achieve this, any ideas ?

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You can run emacs in screen, just like vim. For keys that conflict, such as C-a, you can use C-a a inside of screen to send the C-a to emacs. Another option is to run emacs in server mode. You can do this by launching emacs with --daemon. You can then connect to the emacs daemon with emacsclient.

emacs --daemon       # start the server
emacsclient filename # open a file in the server
emacsclient -c       # connect to the server without opening a new file
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Under X Window M-x close-display-connection close Emacs without leaving server. – gavenkoa Mar 14 '14 at 11:19

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