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Open connections: 
php 3075 lemorpa 3u IPv4 1111738938 0t0 TCP> (ESTABLISHED) 

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Hostgator often send me this when they're mad of my CPU usage. I wonder what command they use to display this

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First line is an extract from lsof command. Maybe a

Other lines maybe gathered from logs but I'm not sure.

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The first is the output from lsof for single PID showing open network connections:

lsof -p 3075 -a -i TCP

The second is an extra from a web server log, it appears to be in the form:

client-ip vhost-name URI-path

You can get Apache to log directly in that format with CustomLog and/or LogFormat:

LogFormat "%a %v %U"

though it's almost certainly a grep | awk (or equivalent) from a more comprehensive log format.

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