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I had Windows 8 installed, shrunk it and installed Fedora 17 using the free space. It now only boots into Fedora.

I have these two EFI partitions:


    /grub.conf -- this is the config file used

I've tried all .efi files on sda2. When one of those options is selected the Grub menu redraws. Nothing happens and no errors are given.


title win8
  root (hd0,2)
  chainloader /EFI/path to one of the .efi files

Using Grub 0.97-93.tc17

Oddly, if I enter the grub command-line and enter these two commands I boot up into windows with no problems:

root (hd0,2)

If possible I'd like to have an entry I can just select instead.

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Perhaps you are looking for...

chainloader /EFI/microsoft/BOOT/bootmgfw.efi
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doesn't do anything. –  Kassym Dorsel Feb 20 '13 at 15:48

You need both EFI boot instructions in the same partition, otherwise the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.

Take a look at your boot directive: /dev/sda6

That means that every folder path you use will be in relation to that partition. /dev/sda6/EFI/Microsoft doesn't exist.

Simply move/copy the Microsoft folder in /dev/sda2/EFI to /dev/sda6/EFI and it should work for you (I did this with my own dual-boot setup).

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