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If I create an encrypted share (internally done via ecryptfs) on a synology disk station DS109 (DSM 4.1), mounting is very slow (approx 40 seconds).

It doesn't matter if I do it via the web-interface or via synoshare --enc_mount myencryptedshare mypassphrase. It also doesn't matter if there is data in the share or not, same 40 seconds for an empty share and for one with 1GB in it.

Mounting with encfs works perfectly, so I guess it might not be an CPU issue, since encfs seems to be a bit slower in general than ecryptfs.

Any idea what may be wrong?

How can I debug this?

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How can I debug this?

Try to strace the command. That should show the syscalls the program is making, which could help you narrow it down.

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