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I am having issues mounting an image I created with the qemu-img program. Every time I attempt to invoke mount upon the subsequent file, it responds with failed to setup loop device: No such file or directory.

It does not matter which user I invoke the following commands under, it continuously fails (su - or not).

$ qemu-img create flash.img 512M
$ mkfs.ext2 -L "FLASH001" flash.img
$ mount -t ext2 -o loop,rw flash.img /mnt/dfs/

Is there anything that I am missing? I have a typical Arch Linux install with all of the above commands installed from the Arch Linux repositories.

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Do you have the loop module loaded? Try lsmod | grep loop and/or ls /dev/loop*

if this doesn't show anything, perhaps you need to do modprobe loop

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modprobe loop returns nothing, lsmod | grep loop returns nothing; am I missing a loop driver? Could you point me in the direction of a package that could supply these things? – JohnLettman Feb 17 '13 at 2:41
Aha! Apparently my kernel had updated without my knowledge, rendering any attempt to use the loop module futile. I appreciate your assistance with this. – JohnLettman Feb 17 '13 at 3:06

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