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In our organization, we have 15 new systems each with same hardware.

I need to setup all the machines with RHEL 6.0 in it, multiple software, and lot of basic configuration. I don't have any problem in installing it one-by-one but it obviously takes too much time.

Is there any method/technology/script to replicate this to other machines? (I know only kickstart, but that is used only for installation of RHEL).

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Build a kickstart server and a kickstart configuration file that specifies your disk layout, packages to be installed and a %post section. In this later section you can deploy any number of scripts (shell, Perl, etc.) from your kickstart server that will be executed to customize your basic configuration.

The time you invest setting up a kickstart server will be well worth the effort. Have a look at the Red Hat documentation here.

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To the OP: It will be helpful, but not necessary, to have DHCP + PXE Boot so that upon boot, without a valid boot image from disk, they will request a DHCP address from the network, obtain it, find a "pointer" to where it can download code from which it will then boot into a redhat install image. The install image in turn uses the kickstart file you have configured for that node. – Otheus May 12 '15 at 22:17

There is the redhat satellite server, or its opensource version spacewalk, which could help you with managing these systems.


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