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I'm having trouble with Firefox and Chrome for some time now and it's very irritating.

Neither of these browsers will render JPEG images. Konqueror and Opera are fine though.

What libraries I can try swapping or up/downgrading to get this working again?

I'm forced by nVidia to maintain an old driver stack, which could also be contributing to the issue. Can it?

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I can't speak for the official releases, but debian un-branded releases of those applications ("iceweasel" and "chromium-browser") use the libjpeg*.so library.

Try temporarily moving /usr/lib/libjpeg* somewhere else and see if that breaks firefox or chrome.

however libjpeg does such a good job i'd expect the konqueror based browsers to use it too... More likely the problem you face is at a higher level, libgtk, perhaps. if you have binutils installed you can use the 'ldd' command to see which .so files are linked

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