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I've been so tired of finding a compatible way of editing math equations in MS Word on Windows 7 and in LibreOffice on Linux. Of course I know TeX is the universal way. But I don't use TeX unless I write my formal paper. So let's keep the question about MS Office and LibreOffice or maybe other word processors.

I've tried several equation editors:

  • MathType
  • Aurora
  • TeXMaths

But the equations produced by them are not compatible, they are editable in one while non-editable in any other (of these).

But I found that all these equation editors provide a way to convert their own equation into LaTeX form. So it seems that they are all internally LaTeX compatible. And I think the generated equation should have contained the LaTeX code, right? The equation can not just be totally picture, if so, why can the editor edit it and resolve it to LaTeX?

But how can I extract the hidden information behind the equation without the equation editor? Double-clicking the equation without the right equation editor will show that it is just a picture. If I can extract the hidden LaTeX code of equations, or if I can hide the LaTeX code in the equation, then compatibility will not be a problem, though it is still not so convenient.

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