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The awesome WM doesn't suspend automatically when closing the lid, so I followed some instructions to get it working. I simply added a file /etc/acpi/local/lid.sh.post with the following contents:


Suspending works now, but after I open the lid and press the power button it shows the desktop for a fraction of a second before suspending again! The second time I press the power button it resumes properly. After that, any time I suspend I have to press the power button and wait three times before it resumes properly. I've tried suspending four times in a row, and it doesn't seem to get any worse.

Solved! If anybody else wants it, I made a script to do this in one command.

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I'm pretty sure that your lid callback is going to be called every time the lid is closed as well as opened.

The sleep.sh file here states:

# if launched through a lid event and lid is open, do nothing
echo "$1" | grep "button/lid" && grep -q open /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state && exit 0

the "lid open" scenario is one your script is not checking for...

You could quickly test this by echoing some parameters to a log file

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