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I use the vim-r-plugin to write R code in vim. It is a nice plugin and I love that the plugin lets me run code directly from within vim.

However, the R prompt is opened in a console which is attached to vim using tmux and the vim screen plugin. This limits my choices when it comes to window management. I would prefer if the R console was in it's own window so that my window manager (awesome) can handle the windows separately. Is there any way to do this?

I would be satisfied if it was possible to pop out a running terminal from screen/tmux to run in it's own window using some shortcut.

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When I used tmux before opened .R file, then the R console was embedded in the same window after \rf.

On the other hand, open .R file directly before tmux session opened, then it could pop a separate R console windows if \rf

It is my experience, not a solution.

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