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0:root@SERVER:/root # grep 300 /etc/group
0:root@SERVER:/root # 

?? Several groups (ipsec/admgrp) can have the same groupID (300)?? how can this be? /AIX 6.1/

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What exactly is the meaning of the last field? On GNU/Linux, the last field in /etc/group is the list of group members. Are you sure that's not the case here, and admgrp just happens to be a somewhat inappropriately named user account? Try grep admgrp /etc/passwd and see what comes back. – Michael Kjörling Feb 6 '13 at 13:40
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Yes, several groups can have the same gid (though it's probably only useful when groups are given passwords), several users can have the same uid, but your line above says that the admgrp user is member of the ipsec group. You'd need:


To have two groups with the same gid.

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