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I'd like to output a list of all, currently not installed, packages (they are visible in Synaptic for example) using only shell commands.
How do I do this?

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aptitude search '!~i'

See the Search Term Reference in the aptitude user's manual for details.

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From the question's tags, I assume a Debian system.

In Bash: aptitude search '!~i'. The list is very long (more than 30k lines).

It can be interesting to suppress virtual packages also: aptitude search '!~i !~v'

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Type the command as follows:

# rpm -qa > list.txt

with this command you can check your installed RPM list after that you can easly to find which RPM is not installed.

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thanks, but I asked for a debian system... –  user4133 Jan 24 '11 at 19:33

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