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I have multiple, random problems with my Virtual Desktops. I'm running Fedora 14 with KDE and Compiz on a dual-monitor config.

What happens (at random):

  • I often (almost always) have a problem with the Desktop of my Virtual Desktops (except for the 1st virtual desktop, that works all the time):

    • Often, the background of the desktop is black and unresponsive (no wallpaper loaded, unresponsive to mouse actions).
    • Sometimes the background of the desktop is composed of the windows opened in Virtual Desktop #1, but still unresponsive (I can only interact with the windows when I am on the correct VD)
  • I sometimes have problems with the task bars:

    • Minimized windows appear on the task bars of all the VDs.
    • Then, if for example on VD #1 task bar I click on a Window which is opened in VD #2, it will switch to VD #2, displays the window and that window won't appear in other VDs task bars (because it is not minimized anymore).
  • I installed the plugin rotating cube in compiz (to have hotkey to switch from one VD to another). But when I try to switch to the next or previous VD, it does the animation, but instead of switching it just stays on the same VD and minimize all the windows...

Any idea?

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