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I know that some Linux applications run on FreeBSD. All the more so, they should run on Debian kFreeBSD (since it only uses a FreeBSD kernel while Linux userspace).

Does Google Chrome (not Chromium, as I need flash) run on Debian kFreeBSD?

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a) What makes you think Chromium doesn't do Flash? (See this recent issue on getting it to work) b) Please don't cross post‌​, trust in the moderators to move your post if it's not in the SE site best suited for your question. c) Anyway, Debian's chromium package is not available for kFreeBSD but Chromium seems to run on FreeBSD. – sr_ Feb 3 '13 at 9:08
I'd guess it does work, Chrome (as an application not too intimately tied to the kernel) shouldn't use any Linux funkiness. Does it run on *BSD at all? What do the release notes say? But who knows... In any case, it is much faster (and futhermore guaranteed to give the correct answer) than waiting for a couple of days, and then sifting though a lot of posts by random ignorants like myself, some outdated experimental results, mixed in with a few comments by ones in the know, is to try it yourself! – vonbrand Feb 3 '13 at 17:19

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