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I have VSFTPD installed in CentOS. Where i have one username "lesstrust1", when the user login i want the user only can upload/download to this path /var/www/html/oxwall

$ yum install vsfptd
$ chkconfig vsftpd on

How do i tell VSFTPD to do that?


I have tried following based on man but does not work.

$ vim /etc/vsftpd/config.conf
# end of the file new line added

$ vim /etc/vsftpd/username1

$ service vsftpd restart

Now, when FTP is connected as username1 it does not go to /var/www/html/oxwall but username1 can browse whole system including / or /etc all.

Is this a BUG?

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Did you try man vsftpd.conf? –  Keith Feb 2 '13 at 8:15
@Keith: YES Please see my edit above. I did but its not working –  YumYumYum Feb 3 '13 at 0:12
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