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I'm running Fedora 17, Gnome (3?), and using bash from terminal. Whenever I run lpstat I only get a list of my jobs, but every time I go to retrieve my jobs from the printer, somebody else is printing and mine hasn't even started! What gives?

I want to view a list of all users' jobs, not just mine.

I tried lpq to no avail. I've also tried lpstat -t and same result -- just my jobs, not anyone else's. What am I doing wrong here?

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lpstat -u all (as root) should show all users and all jobs:

-u <logon-IDs>

Prints the status of output requests for users, 
in which <logon-IDs> can be one or all of the following:

<user> A user on the local system, as in lpstat -u user

<host!user> A user on a system, as in lpstat -u systema!user

<host!all> All users on a particular system, as in lpstat- u systema!all

<all!user> A particular user on all systems, as in lpstat -u all!user

all All users on all systems specified, as in lpstat -u all
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Sorry for the late reply - I've been in the hospital for a while. @charlesbridge - Thanks for your response -- I believe that is the solution I was looking for! Unfortunately, I am not longer working at that contract and am unable to test it. –  CodeSlayer2010 Apr 21 '13 at 20:46

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