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I have mapped alt-k and alt-j for browsing history, but I would like to switch vicmd automatically whenever I call up a history entry, because most of the time I need to move the cursor to a certain position and make some changes.

Here is my current settings in .zshrc, what should I do to reach the goal mentioned above?

    bindkey '^[k' up-line-or-history
    bindkey '^[j' down-line-or-history


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What you want can be accomplished by just pressing Esc after or Alt+j or Alt+k but if you want to save that 1 keystroke, then adding the following to your .zshrc can help you.

vi-cmd-up-line-history() { 
  zle vi-cmd-mode
  zle up-line-or-history 
zle -N vi-cmd-up-line-history 
bindkey -M vicmd '^[k' vi-cmd-up-line-history
bindkey -M viins '^[k' vi-cmd-up-line-history

vi-cmd-down-line-history() { 
  zle vi-cmd-mode
  zle down-line-or-history 
zle -N vi-cmd-down-line-history
bindkey -M vicmd '^[j' vi-cmd-down-line-history
bindkey -M viins '^[j' vi-cmd-down-line-history

What it does is bind new widgets called vi-cmd-down-line-history and vi-cmd-up-line-history to Alt+j and Alt+k. These widgets change the mode to cmd by calling the widget vi-cmd-mode and then fire the down-line-or-history and up-line-or-history respectively.

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This doesn't work at all, when alt+k were pressed the first time, it turned up the most recent command, but then nothing happened in response to alt+k again. – qed Feb 7 '13 at 18:52
How about adding -M vicmd like bindkey -M vicmd '^[k' vi-cmd-up-line-history I added that as an edit, so try again. ;) – Martín Canaval Feb 7 '13 at 21:13

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